Amok Time

Amok Time is one of the most memorable Star Trek episodes. It was an emotional episode where Spock needs to return home to Vulcan to fulfil his Pon Farr, a mating ritual that going unfulfilled results in death. When he returns to his home he finds the girl he was supposed to mate with has fallen for another Vulcan and prefers to be with him. She then ask for her right to koon-ut-kal-if-fee where she challenges Spock to fight a champion of her choosing. She ends up choosing Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk and Spock ultimately engaged into a battle to the death. toward the end of this episode it appears that Spock has killed Captain Kirk. Spock then renounces his claim to T-Pring but not before she gives her speech how she wanted to keep her new man safe and get rid of Spock. Spock the returns to The Enterprise and to his surprise, Spock finds an Alive and well Captain Kirk on The Enterprise. He learns that Kirk was injected with a neuralyzer which similated death.