What has happened to the NFL?

When I think about the NFL I think contact sport. I don’t want to see an injury but I know that its possible and part of the game. Yesterday I saw plays that were just surprising. I saw a Quarterback that had his jersey grabbed. He got away from the defender and would have run for a big gain but the whistle blew and he was declared sacked just because the defender had a hold of his jersey. Another play happened when a receiver went up for a catch with the defender. Both players were playing the ball. The pass was incomplete. The coach challenged the call and after replay it didn’t look like there was any interference. The official in New York said he didn’t see any interference. The referee returned to the field and called pass interference. I’m all about protecting players but this is ridiculous. To some people the NFL stands for National Football League. In my view it stands for Not For Long if they keep calling games like this.