Where is all this anger coming from?

The other day I was driving down the highway in the right lane when I noticed a car was entering onto the highway. He was a little behind me so I sped up to let him in behind me. He sped up and tried to get in in front of me. I slowed down and he ran out of lane and swerved in front of me. The driver then throws a bottle out at me. Then he stops when the highway ends, gets out of his car and wants to fight me. He accuses me of cutting him off. I didn’t cut him off I sped up to let him in behind me. Nothing happened other than a few bad words and he got in his car and left. Maybe this guy was having a bad day. Maybe he just found his girl with another man. Either way this man was huge and I wasn’t about to become his punching bag so I apologized to him and he went on his way. Yesterday I was exiting a highway and a big truck swerved into my lane and almost caused a huge wreck. It made me mad at first but then I thought about it and thought about the other day when that huge man wanted to rip my ass through my throat and thought “It’s not worth it” I’m sure the guy didn’t intentionally cut me off. The point is that peoples lives are not always perfect. Sometimes we have bad days and do dumb things and its not worth getting angry over. I would much rather keep my happiness than let someone’s mistakes take my happiness away. And if you can’t find a way to be happy, than maybe you should buy a nice Prop Replica to play with when you get home. Be safe and be Happy!