Who wants to get high?

It seams as long as I remember kids have been needing to get high on something, and the something is usually something really bad. I remember growing up in a town where the kids started doing heroin. Before long it became an epidemic with suicides. This small town was in the National news. Fortunately, I knew better and kept my limit to alcohol. I’ll admit I almost became a fatality with that alone though. It’s God’s Grace that I’m still here. Since then I’ve seen the cheese epidemic, Tide Pods, Synthetic Marijuana, and now the Vaping. I’ve never been one to tell anyone what to do but if I was to offer advice, I would say “Stay away from chemicals.” This cannot be a peaceful way to die. You’re basically poisoning your internal organs by doing these things. Your organs start to shut down and you slowly die. I even saw an article where one town was having a problem with kids drinking Drano. This is acid they are drinking, and I’m not talking about the pill popping psycadelic high drug from the 60’s. This is acid that eats away things. Even cocaine is crazy. Its coca leaves mixed up with cement and sulfuric acid. Wise up kids. Stand up to the peer pressure and say no. 20 years later when your still here and successful you will know what I’m talking about. If that doesn’t make you happy then try starting a hobby like collecting movie memorabilia.