Who’s in control?

I don’t get political that often. I believe politics should be kept more personal. I do want to say something about gun violence. What is happening is terrible and its being done by terrible people. There are politicians who believe guns are the problem. Other’s see mentally ill people as the problem. I fix problems all the time. It’s what I do. For example, When you have a plumbing leak and you just put a bucket under the leak, you still have a problem. You may not have to deal with the problem until you have to empty the bucket, but you still have the problem. You find where the water is leaking from and you fix the leak at the source. The source of the problem I see here are people that want to kill other people. These people use guns to kill people. If you remove the guns, the source is still there and the want to kill people will still be there. I’m pretty sure there are other ways that these people would come up with to do what they want to do, kill people. I do believe that assault rifles should be more restricted. I think that if you own an assault rifle, you should have to keep it registered with the US government as long as you own it and if you sell it you are responsible for notifying the government who you sold it to and when. Taking guns away would just be putting a band aid on a deep wound that needs stiches. The wound would still bleed. What needs to be removed are people who want to hurt and kill other people. That’s the source. That would eliminate the problem. I see people that get caught planning terror attack on the news. With all the cameras and watching that we have today, I’m sure that’s what’s going to happen. Fix the source and there wont be anymore bleeding. And if you just want to have some good clean fun, buy some prop replicas and pretend to be a Ghostbuster.