Being Prepared

One thing that I don’t understand are people that aren’t prepared when things go bad. It can be an e-commerce business with one computer. What happens when that one computer stops working? It can be a driving service with one car. What happens when that one car breaks down? It can also be a football team that depends on a fullback to run the football. What happens when you lose that fullback to an injury and there’s not a back-up fullback? Bye Bye run game. I hope that team has a rock solid pass game. Some people even keep a spare boyfriend or girlfriend in that Condo they own in Lake Tahoe. That’s pretty hardcore if you keep a spare partner in the event that your current relationship goes in the crapper. The point is if you don’t have back-ups, your business or game comes to a stop. Whether its an e-commerce business or a football team you need back-ups that work to stay successful. As far as the spare partner goes, just stay with the current relationship. That’s not good for the game or business. That’s just cheating. Unless you live in the New England States, cheating is just frowned upon.