Who’s your family

It amazes me how many people I meet that have dysfunctional families. These people don’t talk to each other. They say they miss each other but they don’t talk. I am in one of these families. If you put us all together were a big family. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get along at all. I’ve seen through the years that many of our family members have spent their lives dividing everyone to the point that they are all alone. It’s not so hard being family. You just need to communicate and understand the others and how they are. You will gong that some don’t live lives that you might approve of. The key there is it’s their life not yours. Some will want to take money from you all the time because they’re bums. Doesn’t mean you have to give the money to them. They’re not going to hate you and if they do it’s their loss. Three years I decided to have a Family Christmas. If we can’t just spend one day with each other despite our differences then there’s a real problem. I send invites out to all our family and friends. To my surprise a lot of people were in. I communicate with all of them and it’s spreading. They are all starting to follow my lead. Some don’t want to have anything to do with it. And those are the ones that are lonely and alone by choice. I wish all of you a Happy Holiday season. Just communicate and accept and understand and I believe the most of us will get along.