Review This

In todays day and age, its hard to get any kind of service without getting asked to review it. I think reviews are great. Its great to get feedback. Question is how far should reviews go? Some are funny. I read a review on Yelp on one of my favorite Italian Restaurants in New York and the guy writes a book about how he dines here all the time and how horrible the food and service is. The owner knew who he was and replied back asking him why he keeps coming here if he hates the food and service? Good point. I think when you review something you should keep it basic. Food should be reviewed on service and quality. I read so many reviews from first time visitors complaining the food just didn’t taste good to them. The problem I have with this is its an opinion not a review. It amazes me how different we really are. You can aske 10 different people what their favorite Mexican restaurant is and they will all give you different answers because they like the way that specific one taste. I know people who think fast food taste better than a restaurant that serves fresh food. Were just different and there’s nothing wrong with that. When you do a review I think you should just state the facts of how you were served or handled and keep your opinions to yourself. If you eat somewhere for the first time and just didn’t like the food just say it wasn’t to you tasting and don’t go back. Remember other people read these reviews and they can see if the place is bad or if your just bad.