Stop making us look stupid!

I got to let off some steam toward one of my favorite Burger places. I’m talking about Whataburger. Whataburger is one of my favorite places to eat. Often when I travel, I will crave Whataburger because they are not everywhere. My complaint isn’t regarding their food or service. It’s their commercials that make their customers look like a bunch of stupid people. There’s one where a group of kids were in an accident on their way to school. They decide since they are already going to be late we may as well go to Whataburger. In reality if you think that way your going to be Fired or Dismissed. There’s another one where a guy is about to miss his flight. He’s waiting on his order and decides to take the Hamburger over his flight. It’s a Freaking Hamburger! It’s a great hamburger, but only an idiot would choose a Burger over getting on his flight. I hope there was a storm shortly after and all the remaining flights got cancelled and he got stuck in Dallas! That will teach him! HA!HA!HA!