Don’t be Stupid!!!

Remember that old toy some of us had, when we were small children. The one with several different shaped holes and pegs. You were supposed to put the correct shape peg in the matching shaped hole. Many people don’t know this, but that toy is actually an intelligence test. The faster a person can put the right pieces in the right holes is a representation of their intelligence. I’ve spent most of my life fixing problems. Things break and I go out and fix them. Unfortunately, there are times when something cant be fixed. That’s when your sitting there trying to cram that square peg into the round hole. It just isn’t going to work no matter how hard you try. Puzzles are the same concept. I remember once I had a friend that wasn’t very smart and he was putting a puzzle together. At least he was trying to. Poor guy he was stuffing these pieces together that were not even close. They weren’t even the same color. HA!HA!HA! Anyways back to the message. What I’m trying to say is that its ok to tap out. When you find your self beating a dead horse, talking to a brick wall, or being tested with a bunch of wrong pieces, save your senses and tap out. Don’t try pushing the round peg into the square hole.