The Little Things

We’re all going through very tough times right now with the Corona Virus. I don’t think anyone knew that we would be the 3rd most infected country by this point. It’s very sobering for me to watch what’s going on in New York City, and think how I was just there a month ago. I live in Dallas right now and Dallas is getting it bad. I don’t want to dwell on the bad though. I want to point out the good. You really see who your friends truly are when disasters happen. People you thought were your best friends disappear while People you haven’t heard from in months or years call you out of the blue to see how you are. I was supposed to go to Vegas last week. of course Vegas shut down but before they did several friends and Family talked to me encouraging me to not go. I listened to all those friends and family and I cancelled that trip before Vegas did. My Mom calls me when she’s out just to see if I need anything. Likewise, I listen to her and everyone else I talk to for anything they might need and I’ll pick those things up while I’m out and drop them off for them. They’re always surprised because they didn’t ask me to get them I just listened and helped. These are small things but these are the things we will always remember. “The Little Things” Be safe! Be Smart! And Be there for each other! We will all get through this. There are a lot of people dying from this and may God be with them.