Why So Serious?

This is one of my favorite Joker lines. Heath Ledger asking, “Why so serious?” It seams more and more people today are getting so easily offended when in reality nothing offensive was said. I just responded to a customer that was angry she has to pay custom charges to collect her package. I apologized that she didn’t understand how her country worked with international orders. I reminded her that I told her about her custom charges before she ordered. For whatever reason, that response threw her over the edge. She was so offended that I suggested she didn’t understand how her country worked with regards to customs. Long story short we went into a long messaging conversation where I just kept explaining policies and what she needed to do and she just got worse and worse. by the end you would think I said something mean about her Momma by her reactions. Remember those days. We always responded to insults with “Your Momma” LMAO! People call them “Snowflakes”. They’re so sensitive if you just tell them where the bathroom is so they don’t pee on themselves, they might report you for calling them dumb. And you can’t say “Your Momma!” anymore either. That is frowned upon in this society. We all need to lighten up. Enjoy each others company and everyday we are here and have company.