Whose Side Are You On

These days people are so sensitive about Political Affiliations. Some people will not even want to have anything to do with you if you are not affiliated with affiliated with their party of choice. I’ve always been a person that votes for the person I feel is the best Candidate. I voted for W. Bush twice. I also voted for “Bill” Clinton twice, I Voted for Obama twice. I also voted for Trump. So, I don’t consider myself to have a dedicated party affiliation. Some of my family and friends don’t like me for that. That’s their problem. What they don’t see is the hypocrisy of their own behavior. They accuse the other party for doing the same thing that they’re doing in many ways. I always point out this example. There’re so many people that vote straight Republican or Straight Democrat without even knowing the candidates. They will admit it’s wrong to have voted for Hillary simply because she was a woman, Obama because he’s African American, or Buttigieg because he’s gay. How do any of those traits make them the best candidate? That’s no different than voting a straight party just because they are in that party. That doesn’t make them the best candidate.  I know a lot of Republicans that live on government handouts. Yet they criticize Democrats for doing the same thing. I’m seeing Republicans that are doing good right now during this Pandemic applying for government help when they really don’t need it. Yesterday I sent a funny Old Looney Toons Cartoon GIF with Foghorn Slapping that Dog. I was comparing it to the way I feel when I see someone at the store these days handling meat and produce and putting it back on the shelf. I sent this to a couple of Republican friends who complain a lot about how sensitive The Democrats are. They both were offended by it. One deleted me she was so offended. My response to them was, “Are you sure you’re Republican?” It can definitely be said you are a Hypocrite.