Where’s the fun in dating?

What has happened to romance? Where has the adventure gone in dating? I love the feeling of just being at the right place at the right time and meeting that special someone. I love the long phone conversations when your both just getting to know each other. Dating used to be very personal. Now we have dating websites that are supposed to match us up with our perfect companion. I’ve dated a lot of girls and that doesn’t always work out. Just because two people like the same things doesn’t mean they will get along. It’s the little things that are important. You can both be dog lovers. You can both love going to concerts and sporting events. The big question is can you spend time together and tolerate each others quirky behaviors. An example is my snoring when I sleep. I can list several girls that didn’t last just for that. I’ve noticed how certain words in your profile can attract the wrong people. For example, I had in my profile that I like to eat at nice restaurants all over the globe. As a result I noticed I was attracting mostly large women. After I removed that comment, I stopped attracting the large women. Beyond the detail to you profile, most of the conversations are through messages. Messaging is great but where is the emotion? You just can’t get the same emotion from reading a message as you get from hearing a voice. These sites work for a lot of people but so far just being at the right place at the right time and connection with a complete stranger and seeing where it goes is just where it is for me.