Use Protection

I’ve always been big enforcer of protection. Whether its Safety Glasses when you’re using power tools, a hard hat when you’re on a construction site, or a condom when you’re having sex. Bottom line is if you don’t do use protection, you could end up eyeless, headless, or weenie less. This brings me to the next observation that I’ve seen very frequently lately. We’re living in a time where protection is very important. Covid-19 is a proven killer. It’s a silent killer. You can get it and not even know you have it. That all being said there a safety measures that have been shown to help protect us from getting the virus. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, Wear a mask if you’re out in public. That all being said I notice several people every day wearing a mask but only covering their mouth not their nose. All I can say about that is, that’s just as good as wearing a condom with a hole in the tip.