Who’s Laughing Now?

What happened to Comedians. I’m seeing more and more comedians that are showing their political bias. They only make jokes about their political rivals. Where’s the fun in that? I guess if you on the far left and you like making fun of our presidents hand size that’s great. Or is it? Are you really laughing at his hands or are you really just so full of hate that your really just making fun of him? I remember the Saturday Nights when I would watch Saturday Night Live and they made fun of all Politicians. It didn’t matter if you were a Donkey or and Elephant you got hit and it was all good humor and funny. Nobody took it seriously and we all got along great afterwards. I saw Ricky Gervais The other night at The Golden Globes and he was funny. He made fun of everyone there. Most laughed with him. Some agreed with him. Then there was some that were shocked and you could tell they took it a little or very personal. Hello! He’s a great Comedian! He’s making fun of everyone. I know this if something you did or are doing is turned into a funny joke by a great Comedian, that’s a compliment. It means you are great enough to get noticed and pointed out for your accomplishments. If you have a problem with that then maybe your not happy with what your doing.